An Early Christmas Present

I spent the first two weeks of September in Vietnam. I came home with an idea for a story and sent off a rather vague synopsis to my editor. I got the go ahead by the end of September. Lucky, cos I had already written the first chapter. My deadline was December 10th but it soon became very clear that getting any writing done after November 30th was completely unlikely. December was going to explode around me with guests, grade 6 graduation and that big celebration at the end of the month that requires a bit of planning šŸ™‚

So I wrote ‘the Vietnam book’ in ten weeks…that is very fast for me especially as I had no idea where to start the book or what was going to happen. All I had were my H&H’s conflicts which were very strong but how the story was going to play out, I had no idea. I only had ONE scene in my head…a scene in Halong Bay and that ended up being in chapter nine of an eleven chapter book!!

I stared and stared at my collage and it slowly came together.

I sent it off at the start of December and braced myself for

revisions wondering HOW I could manage them in the middle of the busiest month of the year.

I’m excited to say that the book SOLD without major rewrites. In fact, it only took me two hours to do a tiny bit of tweaking. So I’m happy dancing here!! I have no release date or title but hope to hear about all that stuff soon. Meanwhile, I’m off to write the dedication and a ‘why I wrote this book.’


7 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Present

  1. Congratulations, Fiona. Can’t wait to read it. I’m saving your Miracle Baby book for a Christmas treat. Loved the first two!

  2. Congrats Fiona!!!!! Two hours of tweaking…from your words to my editor’s ears ;).

    Next idea brewing??? If so, can I have it please???


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