Summer by the Sea

I live in an town that becomes a holiday destination in the summer. People from Melbourne descend upon us as they take their annual summer holiday at nearby beaches. I know to avoid town on a wet day as all the soggy campers have come in to shop or watch a movie and escape the rain:-) But tourism is an important part of our economy so we learn to live around it. And it has some advantages. Today we spent the morning wandering around mudflats with a marine biologist in one of Victoria’s 15 marine national parks. We found crabs and snails and sea worms, baby fish and even got to stroke a Banjo Shark. Too cool!

Spending summer days rambling along the rockpools is a very strong memory from my childhood. I love watching the boys getting such a kick out of finding anenmonies and crabs and all the wonders that live in sparkling rock pools. But we’re very cautious…nothing would ruin a holiday more than a sting by a
BlueRinged octopus.


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