Touching Down with a Thud

So, the holiday is over …big sigh. It was too much fun camping by the ocean, reading, sleeping, playing board games, reading, canoeing, surfing, reading, eating, reading, cycling, reading…..
Check out the Harlequin 10,000 book challenge to see what I read.
But now I’m back home and the “to do” list grew while I was away. Copy edits for ‘A Woman To Belong To’ had dropped into the mail box along with seven books to read for the RITAs.
My other job kicks in tomorrow plus I have to write up a book idea and firm up the first idea I had before going away. My website needs updating so I must employ eldest son to do that.
So its back to real life but part of me is still holding onto those lovely afternoons lazing in the hammock.

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