Drowning, not Waving

Change sucks!

Like all women, I juggle a myriad of balls in the air trying to keep everything afloat. It works well until one thing changes and often that one change sends the balls cascading around my feet.

Last week was such a week.

The kids went back to school and new routine is a killer for about three weeks until it becomes familiar. DS1 started a new school and is leaving home at the time he used to get up last year! Unexpected things arise as part of settling into a new school. A friend’s father passed away. My copy edits for the Vietnam book took 5x longer than usual, my other job kicked back in after my holiday, the bucketing of water on the garden due to water restrictions takes up all the time I used to spend just maintaining it and the house imploded from sheer filth and disarray.
My editor is asking me about the synopsis I sent her in early January…I can’t even remember the name of my characters! So I am going to read it now and hopefully this will help me claw back the illusion of control.

This coming week is another short week but with a BIG cherry at the end of it…The Harlequin Valentine’s ball in Sydney. I’m really looking forward to it, that is, if I can get out the door. I have decided I need a wife!


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