The Flying Doctors

Etched into Australia’s history is John Flynn’s vision to provide a ‘Mantle of Safety’ for those living in the outback. Today the Royal Flying Doctor’s Service (RFDS)is doing just that. They provide on- going medical care to isolated communities, fulfilling Flynn’s dream.

There is something romantic about doctors and nurses working in the outback, using a plane to get to their clinic which might be held on the veranda of a cattle station homestead or under canvas in a remote aboriginal community. I remember as a student nurse watching the TV show, ‘The Flying Doctors’ and thinking ‘how cool is that!’.

So once again I am writing an outback story involving the Flying Doctors. Wedding in Warragurra is the first of two stories set in Warragurra, a fictitious outback town in western NSW. It’s hot, it’s dusty and Kate and Baden are feeling mighty hot and bothered…and it’s not just the weather that’s raising the temperature:-)

Track down Pregnant on Arrival if you want to read my first Flying Doctor’s Book.

Want to know a bit more about the Flying Doctors? Click here


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