There’s Always another Mountain


This morning my son played a piano piece perfectly, it absolutely sparkled. He’s been working on it for a month. He turned the page to a new piece. Back to square one of playing single hands, sightreading, new beat…his bottom lip stuck out…he knew the hard work that was ahead. He wasn’t happy, he wanted the accolades the polished piece offered.
It got me thinking that this was pretty much like writing.

I’m into the third year of being a published author. I have sold 6 books and hope to sell three more this year. It should be easier right? But it isn’t because just like learning the piano there is always another mountain to climb.

 I think the sale of a book is one of the most exciting things and that doesn’t change. Each time my editor says, ‘We’re buying it’, I get this huge endorphin rush. The sale is an addictive feeling.

Then she asks, ‘so when can we see the next book?’ and I tumble down into the crevasse between the mountains. The process starts again. I find the start of a new story a tough gig…I much prefer writing the second half of the story.

Right now I am a third of the way up a steep mountain as Kate and Baden get to know each other. Time is starting to press down on me too. What keeps me going? A few things ..the love of writing, the excitement when what you try actually works but also the promise of that wonderful rush a sale brings. Addictions come in all sorts of guises.

Hopefully this one is healthy 🙂

Sold sign


3 thoughts on “There’s Always another Mountain

  1. Ah-hem. That was writerly. Geesh. I posted about Cadbury eggs today. Guess we know which one of us is more serious!!

    I have a Medical idea…he he he…I think. It’s not a MX…a nurse and a medic…hmmm…

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