I had lunch today with a group of authors today and of course books were going around the table and there were many comments on covers. Right now, Harlequin are doing some spectacular covers so I thought I would share a few of them with you from some authors who I was lucky enough to lunch with! Tell me your faves, I’d love to know:-)

PS if anyone can give me any tips of organising pictures so they look better than this please let me know:-)



7 thoughts on “Covers

  1. Fiona–I like your cover! And the Inherited Baby one. 🙂 As for arranging photos, you have to decrease the size a little, usually to 300×400 pixels or thereabouts. Then if you use the following code in your blog entry (remove spaces) that will align them to the left. Make it alignright to put them on the right. Hope that helps.

  2. All pretty darned nice! I do love my cover, even though it’s a little left of centre – all legs and no faces ;).

    And Nic’s Princess cover is so beautiful. And I think this is my fave of all of yours. It’s so warm and appealing.

    Though Maxine’s “man” cover is such a winner. I love him, I love his suit, his watch and did I mention him?


  3. THanks, gals, and you know what else is wonderful?
    The STORIES inside all those great covers :-))

    Michelle, thanks for the help! Now I just have to apply it….after the deadline.

    Fiona x

  4. I love the Desire cover…though the story is even better 😉

    I also love when they get the characters close, especially key characteristics…but that is just me being picky. Yes, as a reader that bothered me as well 🙂 So far so good with my covers…of course, now that I’ve said that…

  5. Ladies, I had no idea you were talking about covers and that my very own Desire cover was posted here. I just happened to breeze by because Fiona has great blogs. 🙂 (Sounds rather rude!) I was also trying to figure out what to write in my very first newsletter, and Fiona had kindly sent me hers a little while ago, and of course I couldn’t resist clicking on her Blog button.

    It’s great to see you all here. And aren’t all the covers just stunning? I loved my first Desire cover (no, you still can’ t have him, Ally), but they really outdid themselves with my second cover. And Nic, I really, really adore the title Princess Australia, and of course the cover. Jenna, I have your latest release here in Australia to read just as soon as I get a little way further into my current manuscript. Fiona, your cover is fantastic too. The colours are so rich, and the characters very appealing.

    On that note, I’d better stop chatting and get on with the writing. Have a great day.


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