The Book That Won’t End

Wedding in Warragurra refuses to end! I keep thinking it is over and something else happens and now my final chapter has turned into the penultimate chapter.

I entered the deadline book cave on Sunday saying, ‘today I will finish the book.’  Nope.No way. Then DS2 came home from school with a note. Staff PD for two days. Add in a public holiday tomorrow and bam he is home for FIVE DAYS. I love him dearly but home for five days with a deadline,  I am going spare.

I dream of the deadline cave,  if only I was allowed to get into it!!  I have dreamed the ending of this book, I have talked the ending of this book and in my head i’s written.  But my editor isn’t going to be impressed when she can’t actually read the words! Emily and Linton from my next book are starting to say, ‘ditch Kate and Baden, it’s our turn now.’

So role on Wednesday. DH can take DS2 to the movies and I will finish the book.  I will, honest…I better or my sanity could be in question.

Hey, I heard that!cave_11.jpg


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