Out of the Cave


I’ve spent a lovely week out of the writing cave. It was supposed to be my week off writing but somehow a short story snuck in and just had to be written:-)I caught up with friends who probably thought I had moved interstate due to the lack of seeing me, I have almost tidied my desk, helped fellow Harlequin Author Carol Marinelli with some planning for the Pink Breakfast Breast cancer fund raiser that will be held in August, done my tax, booked a weekend away in May and supervised at the school’s cross country. AndI also had a massage but before you say ‘ooh lucky thing’, I think I hurt more now than I did before!massage.jpg

Hoping in another day I will be all loose and comfortable. Now I am off for a haircut 🙂


But work starts again on Monday….Linton and Emily’s story also set in Warragurra!


2 thoughts on “Out of the Cave

  1. Fiona,

    Can I have the secret of your energy supply? What a busy week ‘off’. Hope you enjoyed it all – doing something other than focusing on a book can be so important.

    (who’s heading into her cave after a glimpse of other horizons)

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