Mother’s Day

portarlinton-pelicans-jetty.gifI’ve had 12 Mother’s Days and I learned early on that you need to stage manage the day from a distance to avoid disappointment:-))  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but I have to say this one was the best ever!!

The lads got it all together and the divine weather assisted them. I had a sleep in, I had croissants and my fave hazelnut coffee…brekky in bed reading Ally Blake’s very clever Getting Down to Business. Track it down, it is SO worth a read!


Then we headed to a small town on the bay where we had a sauasage sizzle. The sky was blue, the autumn sunshine streamed down on us and the water was azure and so very still. No wind at all, a perfect afternoon for a bike ride. So that’s what we did. We cycled 21km around the glorious bay, taking in views of Melbourne and the You Yangs. The boys had an ice cream break and then we peddled home. To keep the 8 year old on track as his legs grew weary he and I revisited some of our holidays including trying to remember every ride we went on in Disneyland:-)

I was also given some presents including a poem from each son and the DVD, The Holiday. They know their mother well:-)) All in all it was a ‘top day.’I hope your day was what you hoped for.



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