Warragurra’s Reluctant Groom

Many authors adore starting a new book. Words fly from their fingers in excitement as a story pours forth. Is that how I start a new book? Oh, how I wish!

No, new stories for me start slowly as I try to get to know my characters. Right now, Emily and Linton are revealing themselves at a snail’s pace but I am pleased to say chapter one is written. Whew! This book will be a tough write not only because all books are tough but added into the mix between now and the deadline date is three weeks school holidays which includes a trip to Darwin :-)), my and the boy’s birthdays AND RWA Aust conference. So it must be a chapter a week and at the start of a book, that is tough for me.

I have slowly come around to the idea of collages and here are images to inspire me to write Warragurra’s Reluctant Groom.



4 thoughts on “Warragurra’s Reluctant Groom

  1. A talented photographer took those 🙂 Thanx

    As you can see, I had help with my collage. The moment I saw the photos of the river and old bridge I just KNEW they belonged in my Warragurra.

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