Getting into Character

It’s cold and I’ve spent the weekend getting around in my jeans, my Aaron jumper and my RM Williams boots.

Every time I pull on my books I find myself thinking about Emily, the heroine of my current book. Raised on a sheep and cattle station in north central NSW, the Australian outback, she can muster cattle, drench sheep and shoot pool with the best of them. Raised by a father and four brothers, she hasn’t really had a lot of time to be a girly-girl or even been allowed to be one. She found being ‘one of the lads’ was the easiest way to get by. But life is getting complicated now she’s met Linton. She’s always been everyone’s mate but being Linton’s friend is causing her a lot of grief.

Putting on my boots helps me get into the groove of writing outback books. It is so very cold here today though that perhaps I should think about writing a Sheik book and turn the heater up to 38C! and warm up


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