The Holiday that Ended


HI, I’m back! It was a wonderful holiday and a great relax. I know this because I am struggling to cope with the 22 degree Celsius temperature drop!! Home seems mighty cold after the warmth and sunshine of the Northern Territory. We walked in monsoon rain forests, we swam in rock pools carved out by millions of years of pounding water and we managed to avoid an up close and personal with a crocodile. The most amazing sight I saw was a salt water crocodile surfing in the ocean!!! I’ll post some photos over the next few days.

Meanwhile, reality hit with a bang and I have just finished the copy edits of A Wedding In Warragurra. The children have a week left of holidays and birthday season is about to start so it’s going to be a busy time as I juggle it all and get reacquainted with Emily and Linton in A Reluctant Groom.  Oh, and two new characters are niggling at me, wanting their story told from their island paradise in the Timor Sea.



2 thoughts on “The Holiday that Ended

  1. Welcome homw, Fiona! Crocs in the ocean? Eek! I mean the very idea of getting into togs in the middle fo winter is scary enough…

    And congrats on your man cover too. I’m so excitied for you!!!


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