Six More Sleeps!

This year’s RWA conference is in Sydney at Darling Harbour. Sydney is an exciting city that never sleeps and I doubt there will be much sleep at the conference! As well as workshops and networking there is going to be a LOT of eating. I know I have the Harlequin Dinner on the Thursday night, a dinner with the medical authors on the Friday night and then the awards dinner on the Saturday night! YIKES will I fit into the dress by Saturday night. (and yes I do have some of that space program underwear 🙂

One event I always look forward to is the is the cocktail party hosted by Harlequin Australia. Everyone dresses up in costumes ranging from frivolous and fun, merging into sophisitcated and then graduating to completely outrageous.

This year’s theme is Venetian Carnivale. My costume is half sorted…I have a hat and a mask but nothing else! Nothing to wear below the neck. I didn’t really plan on being outrageous this year but unless I get a brilliant idea …..

I have a frock for the awards night….it has been ‘seen’ before but never in in front of this crowd so I think I am safe:-) I really don’t like the idea of having to go and stand up on stage but fortunately I will be flanked by the other fabulous nominees so that will help.

Between now and next Thursday I have to host two birthday parties, organise gear for the pink breakfast, organise the family as well as those usual weekday things. I’m hoping I don’t arrive and fall in a heap!

Meanwhile if anyone has any tips of packing more sets of clothes than I usually wear in a week into a case for three days, let me know!


2 thoughts on “Six More Sleeps!

  1. Looking forward to seeing you at the conf, Fiona!

    I squished most of my clothes into Spacebags last time I travelled. You can get roll-up ones that don’t require a vacuum cleaner to suck all the air out.

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