Research aka Procrastination

You know that feeling when you’re researching and you’re having so much fun gathering information that you just can’t face the next step? The step where you actually start the project:-) That’s where I am right now. I’ve been having the best time…I’ve interviewed a Remote Area Nurse, I’ve learned heaps about Indigenous health, I’ve watched some Rural Health videos and I just want to keep learning because it is all so fascinating. BUT, I have to start the book!

I have started the collage, does that count?

I’m excited to see that A WOMAN TO BELONG TO is on-sale on the UK Mills and Boon site. This is my Vietnam Book so if you want a taste of exotic Asia then this one is for you:-)  It will be on shelf in the UK in October, on line a eharlequin in December and available in Australia in November and December. Read all about it on my website!

And while I’m procrastinating, the little dancing man is having a birthday! Yes! The Pink Heart Society is turning one and to help celebrate, my gift to the little guy is Born Lippy! pink, strawberry lip balm. Happy Birthday!!!


4 thoughts on “Research aka Procrastination

  1. I have a tub of that exact lip balm in every handbag!!! I heard rumours the Body Shop were cutting back on their fruity range which makes me hyperventilate!

    Great pressie Fiona!


  2. Yes I’m in love with that picture too and I WANT so many of the Lil guys gifts it’s not even funny…

    I’m just collaging myself Fiona so I’m right there with ya at the beginning!!!

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