My Friend’s Debut Book!

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your debut novel on a shelf in a shop in your own town. You find yourself going shopping more often just so you can gaze at it! But it isn’t just your first book, it is a testament to sheer determination, persistence and picking yourself up and writing again after heart-ripping rejections.

My good mate, Robyn Grady is a living legend when it comes to picking herself up and writing again, and today I want to celebrate her DEBUT NOVEL, Dream Job, Hot Boss!, which is on shelf in Australia from today OR online here.

Robyn not only sold this book in December 06, she has gone on to sell four more! So raise a glass to Robyn who now has her Dream Job writing for Harlequin Desire and Sexy Sensation.

Congratulations and Cheers, Robyn! Enjoy your debut day!


3 thoughts on “My Friend’s Debut Book!

  1. Thank you so much!!! I’ve just come home from celebrating with my writers group. I was given a pink tiara and a gold medal to wear. It’s been such a wonderful day. Thanks, Fiona, for making it even more special. =*)

    Hope you had a ball at your launch. Mega Congrats to you all !!!


  2. Hi Fiona,
    I couldn’t agree more! I LOVE it when my friends sell, and who more deserving than the gorgeous Robbie! The book is FANTASTIC! Wish I’d been there to see her in the pink tiara 🙂

    But I was very happy to be at the launch of Sizzle, Seduce and Simmer at Dymocks in Collins Street with the lovely Fiona plus a heap of other wonderful authors. I love all this great news!


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