Well and Truly Launched!


I’m chiming in late here but I wanted to tell you about the fabulous launch of Sizzle, Seduce and Simmer! About 100 women and a handful of brave and supportive blokes, gathered at Dymocks on Collins, for champagne, scrumptious food and great conversation.


New York Times (20 times) best selling author, Stephanie Laurens launched Sizzle, Seduce and Simmer and spoke of the warmth and friendship that underpinned this book. And you could feel the love (and the warmth…man it was hot in the shop) on the night.

Marion Lennox who not only created the book she also made sure we had pinnies, and Anne Gracie organized us with nametags and I heard a few people say how great it was to put a face to an author name!


Sixteen of the thirty authors managed to attend and it was a blast lining up and signing over 60 books! It was the biggest book signing I have ever been to! Prior to the event a few of us were in the bar at the hotel next door signing copies for each other and a man seeing all the activity and books being passed around bought one on the spot!He had no idea what the book was about but he wanted in on the excitement and fun 🙂

rimg0008blog.jpgAfter the launch where I got to catch up with family and friends, we headed out to dinner and then some of us went to Madame Brussels for Pimms.

It was the best night and I came home exhausted but buzzing with the joy of it all.

To buy the book go here or track it down in your local book store. Sizzle, Seduce and Simmer by Mira books…out now just in time for Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Well and Truly Launched!

  1. Hey Fiona – what a great night it was!!! Wow, just been to Madame Brussels website. The Front page makes it look as if we were visiting a brothel. But it was such fun – wasn’t it?

  2. Hi Fiona,
    It was a fantastic event! Having all those wonderful authors together in any situation other than a conference is just wonderful. I know the readers there were pumped 🙂 I had a terrific night and now am making my way though the fabulous stories and recipes (YUM!)

    Melbourne, Australia

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