Online in Australia!


A  Woman to Belong To is  out  at eharlequin Australia. If you can’t wait until December 15th to escape to the exotic East then buy in HERE

This book will be available in the US on December 1st and on shelf in Australia just in time for Christmas on December 15th.

I adored my holiday to Vietnam and I’m thrilled to have captured many of the wonderful places I visited  and used them in the book.  I’m just sad I  didn’t run into the gorgeous Tom on my travels 🙂

The blurb on this book says…..

To Dr Tom Bracken, working in the Far East is about more than setting up a health care agency. He has come to cleanse his heart by dedicating himself to his patients. When Nurse Bec Monahan arrives on his doorstep, he thinks she’s just another nurse.

But something about her intrigues him. Gradually, as they work together, Tom realises that Bec holds the key to his guarded heart. Has he found a woman to belong to?

Read an excerpt to tempt you even more!


2 thoughts on “Online in Australia!

  1. Hi Fiona,
    Gorgeous cover for a wonderful book! I suggest everyone run out and buy it ASAP!! And great that you and Nic will be shelf buddies again 🙂


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