Coming up with a Book Idea

I’m really fortunate to have a DH and a close writing friend who are both happy to brain storm story ideas with me.  I seem to have this process of a HUGE blank space where I *wait* for inspiration to strike and of course, it never does. I live for the day an idea blasts into me with the clarity of a magnifiying glass but nine books done and dusted and it has never happened.

So I knew I would have to just sit down and start asking, ‘what if?’ questions and ‘why would’ questions.  I started on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon I had a story idea in a very basic form and a husband who after having a million questions fired at him said, ‘I’m brain dead.’

 Fair enough, he’d been in the war zone, he’d given his all, it was time to move onto a fresh brain.  My mate, Annie West, Harlequin Presents Author, came to the phone and in ten minutes had given me a light bulb moment about why my hero was holding himself back from relationships.  Thank you, Annie!

 Now I am on the search for hero inspiration and what better place to go than the Pink Heart Society’s Male on Monday archives 🙂  This guy caught my eye. I’m not 100% certain but I am going to have fun looking!

So the next step is a collage and I am off to look through magazines, and then have loads of fun with paste and scissors and to find a heroine or just another hero….


3 thoughts on “Coming up with a Book Idea

  1. Fiona, coming up with the idea for a new book can be difficult, can’t it? Or at least coming up with the whole idea. So glad I was able to help, but really, it sounded to me like you had most of it already done, with the bones of a great new story planned.

    Giggling here at you needing to move onto a fresh brain – sounds reminiscent of some old horror flick monster.

    Best of luck with your next story. I’ve just read your French Doctor’s Midwife Bride and loved it.


  2. Hi Fiona

    So glad you posted about this today… I’m currently trying to drafts up the GMC’s for my new story! Have two gorgeous characters but I’m just not sure how their stories clash yet… wish me luck.


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