Sand Lingers Long after the Holiday is Over


Hello! The washing machine has been going full pelt for two days, the car has been de-sanded and washed to within an inch of it’s life and the canoe returned to the neighbours. The annual Lowe beach holiday is sadly over and that means 2008 is getting serious.

School goes back on Wednesday and the next day or so will be a round of new shoes, new school shorts (kids seem to sprout in summer) and hair cuts.

We had a fab time which was spent sleeping in, lazing in the hammock, body boarding in the surf (I LOVE my new full length wetsuit! No matter how cold that southern ocean is, I am covered) cycling and reading.

Reading…what fun! I read Anna Campbell’s Untouched, (ohh, that Matthew! No wonder he got a KISS award) Lori Wilde’s There Goes the Bride, (too much fun), Kathy Lette’s How To Kill Your Husband, (so many one-liners it was hard to keep up) and I read the newspaper every day.

What have you read lately?


2 thoughts on “Sand Lingers Long after the Holiday is Over

  1. Nice to see you back again! I’m working on Anna’s book right now (when I should be reading RITA books) and it’s wonderful. 🙂 Just finished turning in my own book and am enjoying a few breaths before the next one is due!

  2. Hey, Fiona and Michelle, thanks for the plug. I must say I had a teensy weensy leetle crush on Matthew myself. And honestly, anyone I could spend THAT much time with would usually outstay their welcome 🙂 Holiday sounds fab. Just finished a wonderful fantasy romance called Warlord by Elizabeth Vaughan, the end of her War Trilogy. Absolutely gorgeous ending, just right. Isn’t it lovely when a book ends with something that makes you gasp with admiration? Highly recommended.

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