Romance’s Day of Days

It’s Valentine’s Day and I just got a basket of goodies delivered to me by my work which was very nice indeed!  Life this week has been crazy silly with so many school based events that happen at the start of the new school year …BBQs, information evenings, planning meetings and DH and I have been flung in different directions every night of the week.  He is out of state tonight and I am off picking up kids so a candle lit dinner isn’t on the agenda.

But Cupid is about even though this Valentine’s Day he isn’t carrying red roses, champagne or chocolates. Instead, this week Cupid has been  disguised as the man who irons all the clothes in the basket, the man who put  my publishing stats onto a spread sheet and the hero who lugged grey water all around my garden at 9pm after a full day at work so that my plants will survive the drought.

What disguises did Cupid wear in your house this week?

p.s not my DH but hey, he’s cute and he irons :-))) …just like my guy!


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