Volunteering Boosts Happiness

So says the research and if this is correct then I should be off the bliss scale! But this week all my volunteering hats collided and instead of happiness I have heartburn. Added into my volunteering (school council, RWAustralia conference committee) this week I have also been a travel agent, organising a holiday for later in the year. What an exciting thing to do BUT what a time SOAK!  Here it is almost the end of Wednesday and I am four pages into my ‘chapter for the week’. 

Finding the balance isn’t easy. I had a great week two weeks ago where I wrote and wrote but never got out of the house and by the end I was craving adult company. This week I crave the solitude of the office.  And a wife or even a PA would be fab!    

 And if you’re interested in where the holiday in June will be…….Borneo!


One thought on “Volunteering Boosts Happiness

  1. Hi Fiona,
    Sounds like it’s been one loooong week and it’s only Wednesday! And I know for a fact you even left out details. Sit back, have a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) maybe you should also peel open a Lindt Lindor Ball and enjoy. I think you’ve earned it.


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