Men and women think and speak differently. DUH! I hear you say.  But this is something not every writer actually manages to nail. Often male and female characters end up sounding very similar. I’ve read some good books on this topic, to help a writer make dialogue sound real but I ‘ve just stumbled onto a fantastic example that is really helping me with my writing AND it’s fun too!

At Christmas I was given the BBC show Coupling, all four series. It usually takes a topic and you see it dealt with from the male point of view and the female point of view which makes for a great comedy.  Hearing this witty and sparkling dialogue really drives home what should come alive on the page when you are writing in the male point of view.  And the best part? Watching Coupling is so much more fun than reading a dry text book on the subject.

So check it out from your DVD shop today!


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