Leap into Marriage

postcardleapyearbecarefulclara1908.jpgIt’s February 29th, the leap day that occurs every four years.  According to Folk Lore dating back to Saint Patrick, Leap day is the one day that women can propose marriage to men.  This got me thinking about my heroines. Many of my heroines are the ones facing down the hero in the black moment and  putting their heart and soul on the line, asking the men to take a chance on love. The one exception is The Doctor Claims His Bride, where my gorgeous hero gets rejected.

Of course when the woman suggests committment, the hero at that point hasn’t realised that this remarkable woman in front of him is THE best thing that has ever happened to him. That comes a little later and the hero goes cap in hand,  down on bended knee, begs forgiveness and proposes.

So how does it happen in real life in 2008?  THE AGE newspaper reports, “Australian men with long-term girlfriends be warned, 20 per cent of women support the tradition which says they can propose during a leap year. And, today could be the day they pop the big question.

“We all love a bit of old-fashioned romance,” says Donna Armstrong, editor of New Woman magazine which has surveyed women for their views on marriage proposals.

“But the days of waiting around for men to sweep us off our feet are long gone.”

The magazine’s survey found 20 per cent of women felt the only acceptable time for them to propose was during a leap year.

On the question of who should pay for the engagement ring in these cases, only 20 per cent said they were willing to foot the bill for their own ring.  More than half of the women (52 per cent) said the cost of the ring should be shared, while 28 per cent expected the man to say yes and then pay for the engagement ring.” 

 Meanwhile, the ever-ready commercial market is promoting ‘leap weekends’ with special deals at 5* hotels!

My take is that generation X and Y women will be proposing more than any other generation because they have moved in with their bloke, lived with them for five years and are starting to think about children.

What’s your take? Do you know any women who have proposed?


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