The Reviews Are In!


You write the book and that is the part you control. The Cover, the Blurb and the Reviews are out of your control so whenever a new book hits the shelf there is always a moment of breath holding.

A Wedding In Warragurra is a special book to me and I was wondering how it would be received. I’m excited to say that the reviews are in!

“Reading a novel by Fiona Lowe is like stepping out in the warm Outback sunshine. Warm hearted, uplifting and spellbinding, her captivating Medical Romances are simply superb!” Julie Bonello CataRomance

Fiona Lowe is simply terrific! Not only does this talented storyteller allow her readers to fall in love with her wonderful hero and heroine, but she also recreates their Outback town so vividly, that readers will feel as if they are standing under the vast Australian sky! If you are looking for a romance that is poignant, passionate and enthralling, then rush to the bookstore and pick up A Wedding in Warragurra – you certainly will not regret it!” Pink Heart’s Society

This book is out now at Mills and Boon UK and will be on the Shelf in the UK on March 15th.

For Australians wanting an advanced copy click HERE. Or Mark April 15th on your calendar and grab yourself a copy then.


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