A Chapter A Week

Since the first of February I have set myself the target of a chapter a week. Some of you might think that is an easy gig,  but set amongst the other paid job, mothering, “wifing” and organising a school market, it’s been a challenge.

But setting achieveable goals is a good thing as it makes you dig deep when you are tempted to collapse in a heap and say, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow”.  I’m now into chapter seven and Easter is bearing down on me. Two short weeks and the kids on holidays which adds in another dimension to the challenge.  The plus side is that usually at this point in the book I tend to write faster.

But life likes to laugh at you. This book has been an interesting write to this point. The first four chapters were much easier than my usual start. EVERY book has a sticky point and that is where I am now.

And to add insult to injury the scanner is playing up so I can’t even leave you with a picture of them both.  So I’ll head back to Tess and Cal and hope they are having the conversation I need them to have instead of misbehaving and I’ll leave you with a hunky doctor instead.  



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