And Joining Me Today….Robyn Grady!

Robyn Grady is a special friend of mine as well as being an Australian Modern Heat author AND a Harlequin Desire Author! Robyn’s gritty determination and persistence paid off with the spectacular event of being a new author signed to two separate lines. That, folks, is extremely uncommon.

So Robyn’s popped by to talk about her latest release, A WILD NIGHT AND A MARRIAGE ULTIMATUM

So…what event/situation inspired your story? 

An unmarried friend of my eldest daughter had just fallen pregnant. It inspired me to write a marriage of convenience story with an ultra modern twist. There is, of course, a happily-ever- after, but the HEA a 21st century mother-to-be deserves, not merely feels she needs to accept. 

  Was it a book that flew from your fingers or gave you grief? 

It did fly from my fingers! In about three weeks, actually. The characters were very real to me, and I was barracking for the heroine, Sophie Gruebella 100% all the way. The ending, when I wrote it, seemed so right for them both.

  Who inspired the hero? 

The latest James Bond…although Cooper Smith doesn’t look at all like Daniel Craig. However, he does possess the same “I’m dangerous but too sexy to resist” air about him.

  Has it had more than one title?  

It started out “Accidentally In Love”. But this title, well, it really says it all! J

  Where has it been released and where might it be released? 

In the UK NOW, In Australia and New Zealand in June and in the US in July. It will be released as a Presents, titled , “The Australian Millionarie’s Love Child.”

 How did you celebrate the sale? My husband brought home a bottle of imported champagne. He knows me so well 🙂

Thanks so much, Robyn for stopping by!

Robyn Grady, Nicola Marsh and I are running a joint competition so head over here to enter!  


3 thoughts on “And Joining Me Today….Robyn Grady!

  1. Hi Fiona and Amy! LOL Yeah, three weeks. I remember hunching over my laptop thinking, So what happens next?!?!? But in a way, that was good, because the story unfolded naturally. And, to be fair, I had revisions, which were another 2 weeks. That wonderful Kate Hardy is my inspiration! She writes gorgeous stories in record amounts of time.

    Hope everyone’s getting their entries in to be in the draw for those books!


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