wind14_gallery__298x400.jpgwind01_gallery__600x399.jpgIt’s school holidays here and yesterday I dispatched number two son off to the CSIRO Double Helix Club and number one son was busy with his computer and music and I tackled chapter nine.

There was a blustery north wind and the sunrise was bright red…always a sign of unstable weather, but who knew we were going to be hit by the tail end of a cyclone!  By noon the sky was steel grey with a tinge wind04_gallery__268x400.jpgof pink through it. From inside you would have thought it was a chilly 10C and the clouds held snow.  But no! It was 26C and the pink tinge was red dust.

Gates came down, dogs escaped, wheely bins blew down the street. I went outside to gather up anything that could become a flying objects and was almost blown over.  I was struck by the different reactions between me and the 13 year-old and that is a combination of life experience and the perceived invinceabiliy of youth .  For me, anxiety kicked in…anything could happen.  For the teenager, it was excitement.  Finally the rain came and it was red….red dust that had been lifted from the Wimmera in northern Victoria and brought all the way down here. 

Amid the choas, I managed to write eight pages which was amazing!


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