A Week of Finishing

It’s been a big week!  The school holidays finished and the boys went back to school after giving the holidays 9/10! I was happy about that seeing as I thought I worked a lot. They pottered about with friends, went to the movies, a science club and generally had a good rest. And they needed to be rested as term 2 is 12 weeks!!

And yesterday I finished my 10th book!  I can’t believe it.  I met my goal of a chapter a week and I got there. I even survived the mid book demons where you wonder what on earth you are going to write next.  This last week, Tess and Cal spent a lot of time at “Westwinds” and I enjoyed it just as much as they did! So now I just have to do a final read of ‘The Surgeon’s Surprise Family’ and ping it to my editor. Then I wait.  But I’ll be busy waiting coming up with the next book:-)




5 thoughts on “A Week of Finishing

  1. Rach, if it’s not the midbook demons then it is the start or the end demons…somewhere in a m/script they get you every time. But you gotta write through them! Hard but true

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