What A Girl Wants

I was tidying up the office the other day and I found a box that had gone on holidays with us and I had dumped it in my office. It contained a note book from my summer holiday where I had scribbled down some story ideas for “The Surgeon’s Surprise Family”, along with pictures from a couple of magazines. 

At the bottom, next to some batteries, was a scummy bit of paper with blue writng on it. I remember my teenage son coming back from the beach saying, ‘I found this and you might find it useful.’ (bless him!)

As I read the scrawl of (and I am guessing here) a 15/16 year old girl I was stunned by how she had written down what every woman wants and what every ROMANCE AUTHOR puts into her hero.

Here is the double sided list…. Has strength, is gentle, has integrity, is trustworthy, is flexible, has spontaneity, is patient, is reliable, is loyal, has initiative,  is honest.  And on the other side she’d written ..dark hair, olive skin, sense of humour, funny, has respect for self and others, knows himself, comfortable in his own skin, jenerous (sic) giving, we understand each other.

And isn’t this the perfect Hero list? Now for some pictures to match this list head over to Nicola Marsh’s blog 🙂


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