Readers’ Vote!

Writing is a solitary occupation. You sit in your office and lose yourself in a fictional world which can give you grief as well as pleasure but the bottom line is you’re hoping a reader is going to pick up your book and read it cover to cover and love it.  Sometimes readers write to you telling you what they enjoyed about your story which is special.  Being chosen as a finalist in the Oklahoma RWA chapter’s National Readers Competition is really special!

Two Australian writing buddies of mine are in that situation! Annie West and Robyn Grady.

Annie West who writes for Harlequin Presents (Modern in UK, Sexy in Australia) says, “there’s a special reception for finalists at the San Fransisco conference. The idea of being invited to a reception there is very exciting as I sit here in my quiet little corner of Australia! The book is For the Sheikh’s Pleasure which was released in the US last August. It’s the second in a pair of linked books.”

And to give you a snap shot of this great book….
Will she surrender to the sheikh? Rosalie Winters is a challenge. Beautiful and aloof, she doesn’t play the games of flirtation and seduction that Sheikh Arik Kareem Ben Hassan expects from women. She intrigues him with her lack of sopistication and guile.

Arik realizes he must move slowly to gain her trust. Rosalie is quiet, even withdrawn, as though something has changed her. but Arik also knows that once she’s at his command Rosalie will welcome the loving that only he can give her…” 



 Robyn Grady’s debut book for Silhouette Desire, The Magnate’s Marriage Demand is also a finalist.

In name only?
Marriage and children played no part in Armand De Luca’s plans. Then the hard-driving tycoon learned he had to marry and have an heir or lose his company. When he discovered his late brtoher had fathered an unborn child, Armand saw the perfect opportunity.

But expectant mother Tamara Kendle was not at all sure she wanted any part of Armand, his millions, or his convenient marriage. And she was so desirable, he wasn’t sure this union could ever be strictly business.”

Congratulations to Annie and Robyn!


3 thoughts on “Readers’ Vote!

  1. Hi Fiona,

    How cool to be featured on your blog!

    I have little experience of these big contests and I was utterly thrilled to hear that Arik and Rosalie’s story made it through to the final round of the National Readers’ Choice Awards, especially as it’s judged by the people who count most of all – readers. I still grin madly whenever I think of it. And of course, discovering that Robbie (another Aussie and a friend) is also finalling in the same category is a real bonus. Yay, Robbie!

    Fiona, you’re so right about writing being solitary and the importance of getting feedback on your stories. You send your manuscript out there and it’s turned into a book and you know somewhere someone is reading it and you wonder if they connected with your characters or not. It’s so good to hear from readers about their impressions of a story. I recently had a couple of people telling me they’d been rereading one of my books and that made me feel so good. Actually, now I think about it, they’d both been rereading ‘For the Sheikh’s Pleasure’. Before I was published I’d sometimes think about contacting an author if I really enjoyed their story, but never did. Now I do!


  2. Fiona! Thanks so much for mentioning this year’s National Readers’ Choice Awards on your blog. As Annie said, it’s a huge thrill. When I opened the email, I reread it half a dozen times before the news sank in! It’s an honour to be a finalist and wonderful to wave the Aussie flag alongside you, Annie, in such a well recognised contest. This job just keeps getting better!

    Best wishes to you both,


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