Name My Hero…please!

Book Eleven is slugging along at a snail pace but I have made it into chapter three and finally feel I am getting a handle on my characters. Sometimes one character is so real in your head and this time it is Kirby, my heroine.  This is how I picture her.  But my hero? The guy who is making Kirby melt into a puddle of lust every time she lays eyes on him, the guy who is making her question her new rule in life…no men…well he is giving ME grief.

First he started off as Fraser, then he was Mitchell for a while and now he is Matthew. Matthew feels closer but I’m still not sure it is right. My hero is recovering from a heavy duty illness but he is well now…a bit thin, but he has the body of a man who is all muscle. My hero is farming as part of a ‘tree-change’.  

So I needed more than a pretty face…I needed a man in his mid thirties who had seen some life. So today I found this model and I’m wondering if he might help me ‘capture’ my hero.  ANd if you have a name for me, I’m all ears!












5 thoughts on “Name My Hero…please!

  1. Greg–his name is Greg, sorry Matthew or Matt is too soft a name for that hunk laying back in those autumn leaves. 😉

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