I’ve just got back from two weeks visiting Borneo! We had the most wonderful time and saw some amazing scenary and wildlife. We ate well, we were looked after very well and everyone we met was so friendly and helpful. I really recommend Borneo as a place to visit. We travelled by foot, by four-wheel drive,  by bus, by long boat, by fast boat, by train and by plane and along the way we absorbed the sights, sounds, the aromas and the taste of Borneo.

We started in Sarawak where we walked the Headhunters trail in Taman Negara Mulu (Gunung Mulu National Park).  Our guide, Mr Lim (walk2Mulu) looked after us very well as we slogged through the dense jungle in 99% humidity and 30C heat. I spent most of my time a dripping, soggy mess but it was so worth it as we watched three million bats fly out of a cave for their nightly forage for food,(kindly eating all the mosquitoes(!), as we gazed up at enormously tall rainforest trees, watched fire flies dart through the inky night, swam in crystal clear water that ran from the largest cave network in SW Asia and lay awake at midnight totally deafened by the sounds of the jungle. I even survived the munching of a Tiger Leech which really enjoyed my O+ blood. and kept it running for a good two hours afterwards. Thank goodness for Sard Wonder soap!

My husband took 700 photos and over the next week or so I will share some of them.  Here are a few of our adventures in Guning Mulu National Park and yes I really did manage to walk across that rope bridge with a backpack on and not fall in! Miracles do happen 🙂


These are not bees but bats! for 30 minutes there was a continuous trail of black like a carpet spiralling out of the cave. 






In Borneo, the Long boat is a vital part of transportation down very shallow rivers. A few times we had to hop out and do ‘portage’ over rocks.




The stunning limestone peaks of Mulu National Park, Sarawak.  We didn’t climb the Pinnacles but you can…2km and it takes you 8-12 hours there and back because it is a vertical climb!



So now I am dealing with a 25C temperature drop and feeling rather cold as I face a Victorian winter. If it ever stops raining I might just get all that jungle mud out of the clothes:-)

Next up is the wildlife…


6 thoughts on “Borneo!

  1. Fiona,

    Your blog is gorgeous! I don’t visit often enough!

    The trip to Borneo sounds fabulous and I’ll make a note to myself to pop over and see your next batch of photographs.


  2. Welcome home!

    Pics are fab but boy, are you waaaaay more adventurous than me.
    My idea of a holiday is lazing by the pool and heading to the day spa of a 5 star hotel 🙂

  3. Wow, what an amazing place! And you’re amazing, Fiona. My idea of adventurous is to go out in the cold with only a couple of layers of thin clothes ;-P

    Great pics but also great to have you back.

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