In The Wild

There were many reasons to go to Borneo but a big driving force was to get there and plunge some money into the local econmy and hope in some small way I could perhaps help toward stopping the devastation of the rainforests, the world’s lungs. Tourism can help, especially when the focus on on wildlife. I wanted to see Orang-utans in the wild and I was lucky enough to see that and so much more. We saw Proboscis monkeys, macaques, snakes, orang-utans, fresh water crocodiles, rhinocerous hornbills, egrets, snake-neck divers and more birds than I can name.  Here are some photos!

This Orang-utan was five and his behaviour was just like a pre-schooler. He had moments of being totally gorgeous and then he’d throw a wobbly. It is hoped when he is older he will be rehabilitated to the wild.

we did see some wild orang-utans as well which was very exciting. We saw them in the Kinabatangin jungle in Sabah.There was a mother and child and this was the baby. 

We also saw Proboscis Monkeys. Unlike the Orang-utans, these animals live in harems with an alpha male. The male has the distinctive long nose, a very long tail and webbed feet. We were lucky enough to see this male bound into his harem and be particulary Alpha!

Then there were the mangrove snakes! 

We also saw water monitors and crocodiles but unfortunately the elephants had just moved up river the day before we arrived.

Next up will be photos of amazing flowers!


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