Nestled between Sabah and Sarawak is the small country of Brunei. Rich in oil and with pristine rainforest, Brunei is an Islamic country, goverened by the Sultan of Brunei. We spent three days there…two in the rainforest where we clamboured up a jungle path using ropes and then climbed the highest canopy walk…1400 steps!  We could see Mt Kinabalu in the distance!  We also did white water rafting as well as enjoying floating down the river in our PFDs 🙂 The guest house we stayed at in Temburong was wonderful….they fed us so well, washed our jungle filthy clothes after our overnight hike on the Head hunter’s trail and took us on a fabulous mangrove boat trip, looking for monkeys.  We visited an Iban Long house. The Iban live in communities and there can be up to 100 houses all joined together in one big ‘longhouse’ with a huge communal verandah.  The Long house we visited had about 30 doors and no more room to extend. We were welcomed by the chief and invited to look around. Our guide was Iban and he lives in a long house and enjoys the social side that the lifestyle offers.

We spent a day in Bangar Seri Begawan (BSB), the capital of Brunei. We arrived by ‘fast boat’ and passed the water village which was the traditional way of life for Bruneians until engineering worked out how to deal with such soft soil. BSB is a modern city but with glimpses of its past.  The Royal Regalia Museum, displaying the Sultan’s Coronation chariot as well as a host of other “treasures” was fascinating. Trying to get your head around the wealth of one man is overwhemling! Here are some photos of Brunei to enjoy.

The Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

The water village

The Sultan’s coronation carriage

The communal verandah of an Iban LongHouse

Getting Ready to go White Water Rafting

Getting Ready to go White Water Rafting


Ulu Temborong Canopy walk

Ulu Temborong Canopy walk




Long boat ride...the only way to get to Ulu TemburongUsing a Long boat

The only way to get to Ulu Temborong National Park


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