The Biggest and Smelliest Plant

 Mt Kinabalu

Borneo is known for an amazing number of unique plants and many can be found  In Mt Kinabalu National Park, a world heritage site. The Rafflesia is one of them.  On the floor of the jungle, this non-descript plant flowers once every nine months and when it does, the flower is the size of a charger plate and  bigger.  It also has an aroma of rotting flesh! We were “lucky” enough to see a flowering rafflesia on day one ( a day before the stench). Insects, frogs and even snakes climb into the centre to eat all the insects and other small animals that are attraced by the scent


We also saw lots of orchids, the pitcher plant and the lovely ‘elephant ear’ plant. 


An orchid that flowers once every five years

An orchid that flowers once every five years

 In the cooler highlands of Sabah at the base of Mt Kinabalu they grow tea and coffee. We had a wonderful hour at the Fatt Choi coffee plantation where we were very well looked after by Mr Foong. We enjoyed fragrant coffee as well as ‘five in one coffee’ which included Ginseng. I recommend the iced coffee…loads of icecream 🙂 

Fatt Choi Coffee

 After a day of walking in Mt Kinabalu National Park we enjoyed soaking our muscles in the Poring Hot Springs.

Poring Hot Springs

Poring Hot Springs

Next up, the buildings of the Raj! Borneo, the British and WW2

6 thoughts on “The Biggest and Smelliest Plant

  1. Since this is the closest I’ll ever get to Borneo (or anywhere in that region of the world.) I am really enjoying the tour guide and the pictures. Especially after years of teaching World Geography.

  2. I’ve heard of the Rafflesia flower. It’s amazing! Lucky you missed out on the stink 🙂 The orchids are gorgeous. It’s all amazing!


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