Titles and Covers

The postman delivered the UK paperbacks of The Playboy Doctor’s Marriage Proposal the other day whih gave me a real buzz!  This story  hits the shelf in the UK in September but I realised that means it’s available from Mills & Boon on- line from August 1st 🙂 

If you enjoyed A Wedding In Warragurra then I think you will love Emily and Linton’s story – I know I had a heap of fun writing it!

If you missed out on A Wedding IN Warragurra you can still buy it from eharlequin


I spent Tuesday doing copy edits for The Doctor Claims His Bride which will be out in March 2009.  I wrote this book last year and I found it really hard to copy edit because I kept reading it!  I have to say that Flynn is TOTALLY gorgeous and I fell in love with him all over again.


My 10th book, the surrogacy story finally has a title!  It will be The Surgeon’s Special Delivery and will be out in May 2009.

Now if I could just get back into writing my current story about Kirby and …..NICK! Yes I finally settled on a name.


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