A Weekend of Musicals

DS2 and I had a musical weekend. On Friday he had a curriculum day and we saw the movie version of Mamma Mia and yesterday, we tripped up to Melbourne to see GUYS and DOLLS at the gorgeous Princess Theatre.  DS2 and I share a love of musicals and to celebrate his 10th birthday we dressed up and trekked to the big smoke. What a show!  Singing, dancing and romance, what more could a girl ask for.?

 Garry McDonald and Marina Prior gave us the laughs and Lisa McCune and Ian Stenlake gave us the romance and it was all tied up with spectacular dancing and fine singing. 

The last time I had been to the Princess Theatre was to see the musical, Mamma Mia and DS2 had only been a pre-schooler.  He had to make do with the movie which was fun but lacked a bit in the singing department, however I forgave it for glorious Greek Island scenary and the the eye candy of Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth. DS2 just enjoyed it but give him a few years and I think he might have been crushing on Sophie!

I love it that I have a son who will sit with me and enjoy Annie Get Your Gun, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Singing in the Rain to mention a few of my faves. Recently we’ve moved into the noughties and discovered Hairspray and High School Musical 1 & 2 and we’re pretty excited we will get to see High School Musical Senior Year on the big screen!  I love the romance, he loves the dancing so we make a great musical viewing team!  What are your favourite muscials?


One thought on “A Weekend of Musicals

  1. I don’t have any favorite musicals but aren’t you lucky that your 10 year old son loves them and is willing to go with his mama to see them. Hopefully he will never get too big to not want to be seen with you especially at a musical.

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