Holiday? What holiday….

I’m so glad you all enjoyed reading about Borneo and thanks for the comments. It seems a long time ago now especially as I’ve just survived birthday season. Five family birthdays in a month and three in my house! But today I have put away my cake bowl and spatula and I’m fully focused on the Romance Writer’s of Australia’s 17th conference at the beautiful Langham Hotel in Melbourne.

If you were thinking of coming you need to act FAST as registrations close on August 8th.  As well as being on the conference committee I’m also giving a workshop on Finding the Zen of Your Backstory so I am about to enlist the help of DS1 and DS2 with their multi media skills.

All this is fun but it takes a toll on writing. Nick is trying desperately to seduce Kirby but he’s not getting very far as everytime I open up the chapter some conference crisis intervenes. Poor Nick, I hope to be able to help him out very soon.


One thought on “Holiday? What holiday….

  1. Sorry to hear that all the conference palava is distracting you from your gorgeous h&Hs but can I just say how EXCITED I am about your workshop at the conf. Sounds brilliant!!

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