Pining For the Langham Pillows

                                            The Langham Hotel                                Last week was HUGE!  But as part of the most amazing conference committee, we did it!  A group of random authors came together and organised the 17th RWA conference and it was awesome!  Over 200 romance authors gathered in the glorious Langham hotel to work and play for three big days. We heard Barbara Samuel tell us how to take care of the ‘girls in the basement’, we had Lorenzo demonstarte medievil weaponary, I did a workshop on backstory (yes I will get it up on my website for September) and loads and loads more.  But it wasn’t all work. We had some wonderful play time and the Harlequin Cocktail Party kicked off the conference. The theme was One Enchanted Century and we had evil fairies, princesses, witches and the occassional pirate.  After four days of full-on action, it took a day or so to catch up on sleep but then the arrival of copy edits grounded me pretty quickly 🙂  Enjoy some photos…..

Kiki, Sue, Fiona and Serena
Kiki, Sue, Fiona and Serena

 These three photos show the Conference Committee. We were so busy we forgot to get a group photo!


2 thoughts on “Pining For the Langham Pillows

  1. Hi Fiona,
    Wasn’t it a truly magical time? Wish we’d had more time to enjoy it! Watch out Brisbane, we’re heading your way next year and intend to take in the whole conference while NOT working :)) (But I truly did enjoy the experience 🙂 )


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