The Allure of Mediterranean Doctors

My mate, Amy Andrews was so determined to write a Mediterranean doctor story that she went there! Now that is dedication to the cause 🙂  She and her DH tripped off to Positano, Italy for a seriously difficult week of ‘getting into character.’ 🙂  But you can tell because her story exudes the wonder that is the Mediterranean and it’s not just me telling you this!  This book is out as a Presents in the US and the Romantic Times gave it a 4 Star Review!  Here ‘s what they said…..

“Amy Andrews’ luxurious Italian backdrop is so beguiling that readers will believe they’re walking along the craggy Mediterranean coastline and smelling the garlic and onions wafting from Mama Medici’s homey Italian kitchen. And the well-written medical scenes support the growing love between the hero and heroine instead of detracting from their romance.”

I adored the Amy’s prequel book, The Surgeon’s Meant-To-Be Bride where we met Katya and Ben for the first time so I am really excited they got their own story and I’m especially excited, as I know Amy is, that it is being released as part of a Presents Mediterranean Doctor series along with the talented Kate Hardy and Sarah Morgan.  So keep an eye out for these three great reads and kick back and let the Mediterranean sunshine wash over you. I know I am 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Allure of Mediterranean Doctors

  1. Amy is having trouble with her computer so she sent this comment via me..Thanx Amy!

    HI Fiona – can you believe its been 2 years since dh and I were basking under a Mediterranean sun? Man that was a truly amazing time. And such a gorgeous part of the world. I think I must have been a Roman goddess in a past life – I just adore Italy!
    I’m so excited about my RT review and my first Presents and being here with you on your fab blog.

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