I love that word:-)  I just got an email from my editor that she loves Nick and Kirby’s story and she’s buying it. YAY!! I love the sale feeling…the bubble of excitement, the thrill and relief that I nailed it, the fact I get to hold another book of mine in my hand next year. (Title and release date TBA…will keep you posted).

  Writing a book is like climbing a mountain…you sell it and you’re high on the peak waving your arms in the air touching the stars.  Then you look up a bit further and see another enormous mountain and that is the next book you have to dream up and write.  But I’ll worry about that tomorrow because today is the day I sold my 11th book 🙂


5 thoughts on “SOLD

  1. YAY Fiona! Wonderful news. I LOVE this book. It’s your best yet! Hmmm. Don’t I say that about all of your books??

    Roll on book 12!

    Hugs and mega congrats!


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