Back From the Beach

rimg0027We’re just back from two weeks at the beach. It’s our tenth year by the sea and a great rest although I am always pleased to come home to clean sheets! This year we had four total fire ban days which means no toast, no cups of tea and no cooking at all. They’re tough…a girl needs her cups of tea 🙂
This year a dolphin had taken up residence in the river which was very rimg00051exciting. Although you cannot go near it, once when we were out in the canoe, it came up next to us. We also had a Swamp Wallaby decide to cross the river. It made it all the way across and then tried going back again but was very tired. Wildlife rescue was called and they took it back to its home.

I went sailing, canoeing and I read and read and read. Started off with Maggie Alderson’s How to Break your Own Heart and Nicola Marsh’s  The Boss’ Bedroom Agenda.  Both authors always deliver a good read! I followed up with Debra Adelaide’s The Household Guide to Dying and then The Kite Runner. I’m now ready to read something light and entertaining again!

The school year looms so I better go and get organised 🙂


2 thoughts on “Back From the Beach

  1. Firebands? We have grown web feet and mould. It has been raining on and off for 3 months and we’ve had over 1100mls and more forcast. There are over 200 cases of dengue fever in Cairns and 22 in Townsville- an epidemic. Glad you had plenty of family time as that’s important.

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