And it’s a Heat Wave


The outside thermometer says 43Celcius and it’s our third day of ripping heat. The garden is wilted and so are we. Even the swimming pool is hot! The overnight temp didn’t drop below 30C! The roads are melting, the train tracks are buckling and today I am holed up sewing name tags onto clothes with a wet face-washer on my neck. Seeing as it is lunch time I am going to give into the heat and do something I never do…watch a DVD in the middle of the day. Afterall what else can a girl do in heat like this?…oh she could read 🙂


3 thoughts on “And it’s a Heat Wave

  1. Thank goodness for the cooler weather- though wish it wasn’t so humid. But reaching the mid 40s for three days was a killer. Thank goodness we didn’t lose power like some :-/


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