Happy Valentine’s Day

rosesA pall of heavy smoke is hanging over where I live today, blown from the bushfire areas and I think many Victorians are not overtly celebrating Valentine’s Day when so many people have lost so much. But plenty of Random Acts of Romance are taking place. One man drove over 500km to deliver 40 bunches of wildflowers  to a town that was razed in the fires so people could have some ‘colour’ today.  Isn’t that brilliant?

Couples are looking at each other and hugging, giving thanks they are still together when so many have lost loved ones.

A kiss on the cheek, a touch on the shoulder and a ‘thanks for doing that’ are all random acts of romance and I hope that today you are both a recipitent and a giver of RAR.

And my publisher sent me some longstemmed roses..how gorgeous was that?




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