Working Alone

Writing is a solitary life …well your head is full of people but your real life can be a bit lacking in conversation as you lock yourself up in the office each day pounding out words.  Email, Twitter and Facebook are  not a real enough connection to sustain me…I need to TALK, to get the back and forth of conversation happening, the thrust and parry where people can SEE my face and work out if I am making a joke or if I am deadly serious. The sublte body-languages that do NOT translate well into email.

Writing is also a risk to your back and neck and wrists because we sit too long at a time…’I’ll just type this thought…’ and another 20 minutes goes by. Not to mention the office’s close proxmatey to the biscuit (cookie) barrel.

So I am working on making sure I exercise and that I have an adult conversation during the week and usually I combine the two. “Walk and talk” along the river is something I look forward to. It gets me out of the office, out into the freshair and I come back energised.  But that isn’t quite enough to keep me fit and as I can so very easily talk myself out of exercise I have decided that as I walk DS2 to the bus stop each morning and there is a Gym right there, I might give it a whirl.

I’ve never been a gym person. I walk, ride my bike and swim but I am giving this gym thing a try. 30 minutes they say plus travelling time (10min walk total) plus shower time…although there is no one in the office to complain if I work smelly 😉   So on Wednesday I have my first training session and as I am not the most co-ordinated person in the world, please send positive thought messages that I don’t strain or break something on the first day.


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