Exercising the Body as well as the Mind…

I don’t own a crop top but I have joined a gym! This is a major change for me but I was getting painful hips and shoulders from sitting too long and my usual exercise of a game of tennis once a week and a walk along the river wasn’t quite cutting it. So as well as making sure I stand up every half an hour for a few minutes I am ‘working out’ three times a week. I drop DS2 at the bus stop and then walk another 45 steps and I’m in the gym door. This works well as I have attached the gym visit to the kid going to school so there is NO WAY I can talk myself out of going. Believe me, I can talk myself out of exercise in a heart beat!   

The good news is that I am not that unfit as I am coping well with the circuit but I am HOPELESS if I have to do anything special on the cardio bits. I can run on the spot and punch my arms but I fall in an uncordinated heap when they ask me to jump across the board or try and match my elbow to the opposite knee. Some things never change. For 20 years I’ve failed aerobics classes with the same problem which is why I am always amazed that i have a son who is a dancer. He takes one look at his teacher and just executes the move. If it was me I’d be two beats behind and end up on my behind.

Anyway, hopefully this 3x a week gym will not only help the hips but centre the mind for some great writing!  Maybe I should also pull out the internet connection…..


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