Ohh! A Review!

tdchb-aus-cover4Putting your book “out there” is a bit like leaving part of your soul hanging and unprotected. Some reviews go straight to the bin but others make you smile and these two fit the smiling category 🙂

CataRomance writes: Wonderfully written, sensitively told and totally absorbing, The Doctor Claims His Bride is another triumph for this wonderful writer of engrossing romantic fiction!

Full of the warmth, humour, pathos and detailed medical scenarios that have become her trademark, The Doctor Claims His Bride is a tender, poignant and highly absorbing Medical Romance that will tug at your heartstrings, move you to tears and make you fall in love all over again!  The PinkHeart Soceity Review.

So I’m feeling pretty happy!  If the reviews intrigue you then grab yourself a copy in the UK or Australia.


2 thoughts on “Ohh! A Review!

  1. Lovely review – well done!!

    BTW – I rec’d my copy, in the mail, from eHMB yesterday and hope to read it soon 🙂

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