Lovely Sundays

Yesterday we packed a picnic lunch and headed up the road toward Victoria’s capital, Melbourne. A day in the big smoke for kids from the country. :-)DS2 was very keen to go up  the Eureka Skydeck 88 and walk ‘on the edge’. So up we went in a lift…88 floors in less than 30 seconds and there we were, on top of the world! He and his father went into the glass box that  moves out off the side of the building so you’re standing on glass looking below, above and out to the sides, but that wasn’t my cup of tea at all so I enjoyed the view from the deck.  Then we wandered along Southbank which was buzzing with street theatre and the Melbourne Food and Wine festival. Everyone was out in the autumn sunshine. The sunday market was happening …such a great place for birthday gifts so I got my niece something special for her day.

After lunch DS2 headed off to see Billy Elliot live on stage with his cousin…lucky boy! and DH and I met my sister and had a lovely time wondering around the Botanical Gardens. They were busy! We saw three weddings, two other big champagne-worthy gatherings, loads of families near the children’s garden and lots of couples hand in hand. I remembered my late teens when my BF of the day and I would go to the Botanical Gardens because they were free and you could cuddle up under the trees and daydream about the future.
Great to see people still doing that! I let my mind wander and tried to think of a new book idea.
All in all a lovely day!  Did you do anything special or delightful on Sunday?


3 thoughts on “Lovely Sundays

  1. Sounds like a lovely day.
    I, too, had a great day. Went to the Adelaide Hills where the inlaws have a farm. Sat out in the sunshine, put my feet up and read the paper while the kids were entertained by their doting grandparents. Then walked up to the top of the hill to try to fly a kite. It was the kind of day where it didn’t matter that the kite didn’t get far off the ground.
    Wishing you more lovely Sundays.
    Cheers, Bec

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