I LOVE autumn…crisp mornings, glorious sunny days with blue skies that stretch forever and evenings that close in quickly after the long, long days of summer. We’re having fabulous school holiday weather here and as it coincides with the four day Easter break we’ve been out and about.

Picnics in parks, bike rides by the beach, walks along the river and today we’re off to take a picture of a pier! Yes, I need a special picture for a website banner for Miracle: Twin Babies which is released later this year and it’s the perfect day for photography and a day by the sea.

Each book has its own banner with a picture that matches the book….never noticed? Head over my website and check it out!  The lovely Bathurst Island is the banner for my current book, The Doctor Claims His Bride  and Kakadu National Park gave me the inspiration for The Surgeon’s Special Delivery.

I’m lucky to have a husband who is a great photographer and a son who can whip up a banner on photoshop in the blink of an eye. Thanks guys!


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